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This Friday saw our MetSoc meet again to discuss the Hurricane that hit the East coast of the USA earlier in the Autumn. The students shall be producing a display in the coming weeks, so if you are passing s8 make sure you have a read!

Being near Christmas, the meeting had a set of new members, 4 Santa’s! Their task was and still is to complete a song about Hurricane Sandy based on a well known Christmas song.

When it is complete I shall record it and upload!

The first meeting of the Appleton School Meteorological Society (A.S.M.S) was at 13:30 on the 22nd of November 2012. This society was founded by the students of the Appleton School in order to inform their peers of the weather in the surrounding area of Benfleet.

I went back to university tonight to attend a seminar led by Professor David Lambert. The topic – the Anthropocene.

Scientists have decided that a new geological epoch has now begun, well in fact it began about 200 years ago. The industrial revolution led to a greater influence by man on the environment, which reached the point where man made real changes, so much so, that these changes now now be seen in the geological record. The video below summarises the concept.


So, is it important for students to know about the new epoch? Does a label matter? To fully understand the relevance of the new epoch, you first need to understand what a epoch is, and how one is defined. So some homework for my GCSE class – who can do this for me?

What does this new epoch mean for you and me? Well, if Man is having such an impact on the environment, then will life we see as normal exist in the future? Can we still expect in say 30 years to still be driven by petrol cars, to  be so carbon reliant? What changes will we see to try and reduce this carbon lifestyle, or will Mankind try to find ways to keep our love affair with carbon going? IN 30 years time my GCSE students will be 45 ish – What will your life be like – different from your parents?

So should I be teaching you about the Anthropocene in your lessons? What role should geography play in YOUR classroom?


Answers on a post it note….

Well, the time is slowing ticking down towards the Iceland trip.  We have just been told that our stay will be in the Skalinn guesthouse. If you want to see what it is like in the area, follow this weblink.


Richard Hammond’s Journey to the bottom of the Ocean

Excellent description of plate tectonics and the processes that go on in our oceans – Brilliant geography :)

Can you guess where the header photo was taken?
Prize for the first correct answer, leave your guess as a comment below.

Enjoy your summer break – hopefully the sun might show up!

Year 10 Geographers don’t forget to research Chelmsford’s History and maybe even contact the local council for information about the CBD.


If you are wondering how long it is until our Geography tri pto Iceland next year, check out the following website.

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